The most important aspect in becoming self-dependent for a visually challenged person is being able to move about from his place of residence to place of work. This enables him to move around various places within the city/town or village without seeking anyone’s help. NAB-KB has a course tailor made for them & they become extremely mobile within 6 weeks

Duration of the Course
It is a 6 weeks residential course

Any person who is visually challenged, male/female of age 18 years & above with normal health

Separate hostels available for male & female trainees

Daily living skills    Use of White cane    Seeking Public help

No fees is charged either for the training or for food & accommodation.

How to Apply
There are about 7 courses conducted during each year. One can join the course by contacting the Mobility Training Centre over phone on 080 2528 1439 / 2528 1590 (Monday to Friday from 10:00 Hrs to 17:00 Hrs) or by sending e-mail to with a subject line “Application for Mobility Training” or applying for the same on plain paper giving details of their name, age, address, contact phone no, e-mail address, qualifications etc. For details of the starting dates for various programs click on Training Schedule above.